To Be or Not To Be?

As a baby boomer, I’m so glad my parents didn’t have a recall button they could push to request a replacement daughter when I was born. I may not have been what they wanted, but I definitely turned out to be what the world needed; another compassionate, selfless, and exceptional public servant. I love the fact that we seem to be naturally drawn to the people, places, and things that bring out the best in us!

Beneath the surface of our skin, there’s an invisible force that draws us closer and closer to becoming an idealized version of self. An immortal self that receives a breath of fresh air every time we embrace and use gifts and talents to help others.

I recently embraced the call to serve families who’ve been overlooked by the major players in the financial services industry. I didn’t know why I was being drawn to serve these families, especially after retiring from 30-years of service as a local government employee.  But when I came across a quote attributed to the President & CEO of World Financial Group (WFG), the drawing and calling began to make perfect sense…

“Helping people is part of WFG’s DNA. It’s one of our core values and an integral part of our culture.”
-Joe DiPaola, WFG President & CEO

To hear more about WFG and the wonderful work we’re doing to uplift, strengthen, and support families in your community, check out this video.

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“Using our gifts and talents to uplift and serve others is priceless” – Renee Meshack


World Financial Group Recognizes Top Teams Helping Families

Last year World Financial Group congratulated and recognized Melinda Blue-Taylor & Comfort Taylor and their organization for their part in helping families get on the path to financial success during the company’s Financial Momentum Campaign. During the campaign, Blue-Taylor & Taylor and their team were one of the top 100 WFG organizations that helped thousands of families across North America.

Blue-Taylor & Taylor and members of their organization are independent associates of World Financial Group (WFG). Depending on their licenses, these independent associates can offer clients life insurance and other financial products and services through WFG’s affiliated companies.

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