Living Out Loud

I recently transitioned from a 30-year public service career to pursue My Dream of  becoming a trusted ally, advocate and source of inspiration for transition-aged foster youth and resource families who share their home with children and youth in the state of California.

My Dream is a labor of love rooted in a desire to help foster children and youth, especially those nearing transition out of the system because of their age. I’m committed to doing my part to help children and families move from a place of Surviving to Thriving in everyday life.

The most important thing to know about me is that  I’m a “Dreamer” who never ceased to believe in the power of a positive and uplifting dream to alter and change the trajectory of her life.


As a former foster youth I’ve scaled many mountains to become a “Passionate Cheerleader and Champion” for others success.

The debut of this blog comes  at a time when social media and local news routinely cover the chaotic, divisive and violent world in which we live. So it’s in the midst of turbulent times that I launch a blog devoted to speaking about what’s important to me and readers drawn to the site.

The courage to speak, read and share information about matters of the heart is needed because our lives are inextricably bound together by what we habitually Think, Say and Believe.

Through this blog I’ll share lessons learned from my life journey and 17 year stay in foster care with parents on the front line faithfully meeting the needs of the least of these; children and youth.

The goal of sharing is to provide insight that may produce better outcomes for  children and youth  in terms of high school graduation, the pursuit of higher education, and the cultivation of life skills required to thrive during the developmental stages of life.

Free e-books and other experiential life-based support tools will be shared in the future to enhance the success of foster parents and families..

I’m going to end my initial post by sharing something  discovered while researching the origin of the phrase “Failure Is Not An Option”. What I discovered is that this phrase is the title of an autobiographical book written by Gene Kranz. Although Krantz is said to have spoken these words during the Apollo 13 mission, he did not.

My point in bringing this up is to simply say “Failure is Always An Option” when we step out of our comfort zone to embrace the risks that accompany the pursuit of a dream. Many years ago Eleanor Roosevelt said The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

As a woman of faith, my calling and mission is to support the fulfillment of dreams in other people’s lives.  In launching this blog, failure is an option only if (1) I cower in fear rather than rise up in faith to do what I’ve been called to do – Encourage, Exhort, Lead and Guide,  or (2) hide behind concerns of what others may think.

So today, and in days to come I will follow The Call to Live My  Life Out Loud for our children and youth and their beloved foster parents.

Power Point :

Faith is a powerful tool for Living Your Best Life “1” Day At a time ! 


Visit this page to learn more about my connection to Foster Youth

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